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Nepal is not only known for its diverse cultures, temples and mountains. It also offers a lot of opportunities when it comes to shopping. And the best part about shopping here is that the prices are really affordable. It produces a lot of items which are very popular with visitors. It is known for its traditional paintings, carpets, woodcraft, metalwork, clothes, paper products and jewelry

Traditional paintings include Thangkas and Phaubas, which are scroll paintings and Mithila paintings. The carpets of this country are world famous and they contribute a lot to the foreign exchange. Woodcraft of Newari artisans of Kathmandu are among the most purchased items. They consist of not only frames and windows but also figurines of deities and erotic carvings. Metalwork may include statues as well as the reknown khukhuri knives of the Gurkhas. The Newari craftsmen are also lauded for their jewelry which is both exquisite and cheap at the same time. Most of the gems used in the jewelry consist of tourmalines. Apart from these major products, the other items that you can buy at Nepal are hand-woven pashmina clothes and Tussar silk garments, paper products made of lokta bark, baskets made of raw jute, Himalayan tea and an assortment of spices.

Most of the shopping can be done in Kathmandu, the capital city and its well known Thamel area. However, Patan and Bhaktapur are also famous for their metalwork and pottery.

So, if you come to Nepal, you could indulge in a shopping spree which does not require you to empty your wallet.

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