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To talk about Nepal and miss out on Shepa isn’t possible. Sherpas are the residents of Solukhumbu area that lies just beneath the Mount Everest. The Sherpa community migrated from eastern Tibet to Nepal within the last 500 years, and since then has played an important role in the development of mountaineering. In fact, the credit for taking mountaineering that is the backbone of tourism in Nepal goes to the Sherpas. This community in Nepal scales Mount Everest for a livelihood rather than for fun, adventure or achieving records.

These people serve as reliable porters and stack carriers but are also the prime requirement to any climber attempting to reach the peak. In short, it could be said that Sherpa in Nepal are the right mountain tour guide who can effectively direct the summiteers towards the accomplishment of their ambitions to be on the pinnacle of the world.

The role of a Sherpa is that of a catalyst when it happens to be about the glory and limelight. However, despite the fact that they have broken several world records, the international media or news hardly acknowledges them. Similar to the Gurkhas, the Sherpas are pride of the Kingdom of Nepal with their feats.
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