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Nepal has as peculiar clothing that is reflective of this rich cultural milieu. The clothing adopted by the people of Nepal varies in accordance to their geographical setting as well as the weather conditions. Owing to the different terrain that is spread over Nepal, you may encounter different clothing adopted by the inhabitants to cope up with the particular environs.  

Daura-Suruwal, which is characteristically referred to as 'Labeda-Suruwal' is the conventional clothing of Nepal. This traditional clothing has been attached to a number of religious beliefs that are identified by its designs and has for that reason remained the unchanged from the years. The Daura has eight strings that assists to tie itself up around the body. In fact, eight is considered to be the lucky number in accordance to Nepali mythology. In addition to this, the traditional Daura has five pleats or Kallis that signify the Pancha Buddha or Pancha Ratna. The closed neck of the Daura-Suruwal signifies the snake around the Lord Shiva's neck. As for the Nepali clothing for women, is a cotton sari or also known as Guniu, which is gaining immense recognition even in the fashion circle.
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