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Nepal is a land of excessive disparities in both climate and geography; giving it has a distinctive topography ranging from lowlands with sub-tropical forests to arctic environment in the Himalayan highlands. The mere 150 kilometers stretch of land rises from near sea level in the south to over 8000 meters in the North. This simultaneously with the monsoon rainfall alongside the south facing slopes, has lead to the compacting of nearly all climate zones that can be located on planet Earth. Nepal as a consequence of these has been endowed with a great diversity of life-zones providing a home for a large variety of plants, birds and animals.

The Terai lowlands are distinguished by a belt of well-watered floodplains extending from the Indian boundary northward up to the initial slopes of the Bhabhar as well as the Siwalik Range. It is a rich habitation in the land with tall grasslands combined with riverine and hardwood Sal forest. Wildlife inclusive of musk deer, swamp deer, black buck, the royal Bengal tiger, blue bull, gharial, marsh mugger crocodile as well as the last breed of Asiatic wild buffalo. It is prosperous in birdlife as well.

Between 2000 and 3500 meters higher in the north lies the Mahabharat Range with its oak capped crests. The hills of this midland are sheltered by a moist temperate deodar, maple, oak, and even birch forest. The stunning multi-colored lmpeyan pheasant, which is the national bird of Nepal can be located here in.
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